Monday, December 28, 2015

This Fool And His Tattoo!

I'll admitt it. I had contemplated getting a tattoo for years. Something meaningful or poignant. But the only problem is. I already know my name, and my children's names, and I don't need to suffer by having a cross drawn into my flesh because Jesus already suffered on the cross for me. But most of all, a 44 year old man would look foolish getting a tattoo as if he's in the midst of some mid-life crisis. Besides I could pay some bills with that $200 or $300. But, to each is own, it takes all kinds of people to make a world......, insert your own cliche here_______. 

The bottom line is, life is all about choices, and how we deal with the consequences of our actions. The thing is. Far too many of us have a knack for wallowing in stupidity and wearing our ignorance like badges of honor. Exhibiting our fatal flaws to the world as if being black in America affords us the luxury of having or transgressions forgiven. This poor fool has made himself both unemployable, and inhuman. Simply because the image that he had permanently imprinted into his face acts as a blatant confirmation of each and every vile black stereotype. Particularly the one in which black men are thought of as violent, immoral, monstrous characters with no sense of pride, dignity or self.


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