Saturday, December 26, 2015

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (12-26-2015)

A man in Waynesboro, Virginia, was cited by police after they said he called 911 asking for blunt paper............

Kyle Dustin Head......and yes, that's his real name, was arrested early Thursday morning after he allegedly called 911 "in a disoriented state", according to a release from the Waynesboro Police Department.

Officials said the 24-year-old Head asked for rolling papers to be delivered, but the 911 dispatcher preferred to have two officers roll over instead.

The officers found the suspect sitting in a 2005 Chevy pickup truck which had a strong odor of marijuana emanating from it.

When the officers got closer, they noticed what looked like marijuana on Head's clothing, right ear, the truck dashboard and the passenger seat.

Officers said Head admitted he had smoked marijuana recently and said he thought he was calling a friend about the rolling papers, not the 911 dispatcher.

Head was cited for misdemeanor marijuana possession and released without being taken into custody.

The police department release said it had "no headshot of Head."

This isn't the only time someone has called 911 with regard to marijuana.

In September, Erin Klich, 36, called 911 dispatchers in Fort Myers, Florida, to gripe that her dealer had shorted her on a $75 bag of marajuana.

In April, 2014, police in Lufkin, Texas, arrested 37-year-old Evelyn Hamilton after she allegedly called there to complain about the quality ofthe marijuana she had purchased from a dealer.

In May, 2013, Jarvis Sutton, was arrested after he allegedly called 911 operators in St. Petersburg, Florida, 80 times, wanting  "Kool-Aid burgers and weed" to be delivered to him.

The FBI says that a 28-year-old genius faces federal and state charges after he robbed a credit union in Bend, then went on a shopping spree that included buying a Christmas tree he later used to try and hide from police.

The FBI says Brett Gillispie-Comstock went into a Selco Community Credit Union twice on Dec. 16 before he walked to a teller, told her he was ready to open an account and handed her a note demanding $5,000.

He left with $1,373 in an envelope. Bend police officers found Gillispie-Comstock nearby about 40 minutes after the robbery and arrested him.

Authorities say Gillespie-Comstock told investigators that he and his mother had lost $400 gambling and that they needed money for rent, Christmas presents and a Christmas tree.

The Oregonian reports that authorities say he used some of the money to buy a Christmas tree. The FBI says he had been trying to use the tree to hide his face when police stopped him.

In Eugene, Oregon Police say a man with an obvious flair for humor, and angry with his tax situation left a flock of seven chickens inside the state revenue office.

Police in Eugene said in a news release they responded to a report Wednesday afternoon of chickens left in the lobby of the Oregon Department of Revenue.

Police and an animal welfare officer rounded up the fowl, and they were taken to an animal shelter.

Officers gave 66-year-old Louis Adler, of Creswell, a trespass notice requiring him to stay away from the office or risk a citation.

Adler couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

State agency spokesman Derrick Gasperini told the Guard the staff had prior dealings with Adler and he was "frustrated by the outcome."


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