Saturday, November 21, 2015

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (11-21-2015)

A driver's ed teacher in.....wait for it,....FLORIDA is accused of drinking and driving after he crashed his truck into a ditch, authorities say.

Police arrested Richard Bull, 51, after he allegedly drove his Dodge Ram into a construction site in the parking lot of a Lee County McDonald's.

Authorities say that Bull's blood alcohol level was 159, nearly twice the legal limit.

During conversations with police, Bull allegedly claimed that he was not behind the wheel at the time of the accident.

In their arrest report, deputies say Bull said it was someone named "Josh" that was driving the truck when it crashed. He said "Josh" ran from the scene before deputies arrived.

Yeah, that's normally what imaginary friends do when you're in trouble.

Bull has taught driver's education at Riverdale High School for 10 years, Amity Chandler, spokeswoman for the school district.

"We can confidently say he won't be teaching driver's education," Chandler said.

Bull is charged with driving under the influence and property damage.

In his Christmas letter to Santa, a little boy named Rory Smith wanted to tell the man at the North Pole he'd like the video game "Grand Theft Auto V" for the upcoming holiday, but made his intentions extremely clear when he explained in his list, "i Just want to play with the cars (not the hookers)."

The highly controversial game features the use of violence and gameplay elements that involve graphic depictions of prostitution. Last year, retailers Target and Kmart stopped selling the game in its Australian stores due to customer complaints about its portrayal of violence toward women. 

This little fella is also apparently pretty classy, adding, "And i want a blue suit with a red pee-wee Herman tie." 

Rory's holiday list went viral when, with his permission, his sister Olivia snapped a picture of it and sent it to the popular radio show in Ireland. The radio show team then posted it on Facebook. That image now has more than 1480 likes and has 570 shares.

An argument over the meaning of all-you-can-eat has led to assault charges for a woman in suburban Chicago.

Police in Oak Lawn, Illinois, said 27-year-old Natasha West flipped out at a Denny's restaurant after the waitress toldher she couldn't share her $4 all you can eat flap jacks with the other people at the table, according to The Smoking Gun.

None of the blows landed on the waitress, according to police, but West and her party allegedly then left the restaurant without paying, only to stop to kick a door several times while on her way out, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The restaurant manager called police, who tracked down West and her dinner crew in a car a short time later. They were taken back to the Denny's where restaurant employees positively identified them.

One of West's friends paid for the food. West was arrested and charged with assault and damage to property.

But that wig was the real crime!!!!!

Jail records at the Cook County Jail show she is no longer in custody.


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  1. Richard Bull, the Driver Education instructor, did afford me a belly-laugh. I mean who does this? You're a Driver Education instructor and drive drunk and actually hit a building and pretend (or imagine) that your friend was driving? OMG!! I don't even know WHAT to say about the crazy woman at Denny's. (Perhaps, she was having a psychotic episode and had not taken her meds.)