Friday, November 6, 2015

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (11-7-2015)

A nutty Austrian woman shredded her 1.02 million fortune in spite just because she didn't want her family to have it.

According to German-language newspaper Kurier, the 85-year-old woman neatly cut the money and some savings account books before leaving them on a nursing home bed, days before she died.

Authorities theorize she turned her fortune into the world's most expensive confetti to upset her family, though the reason why is unclear.

Prosecutors can be of only limited help to her successors.

"The damage of the money in the woman's property is not a criminal matter, so we have not begun any investigation," Austrian state prosecutor Erich Habitzl said

Luckily for the heirs, Austria's central bank (OeNB) should be able to replace the cash.

Friedrich Hammerschmidt, deputy head of the OeNB cash division, told Kurier, "If the heirs can only find shreds of money and if the origin of the money is assured, then of course it can all be replaced."

"If we didn't pay out the money then we would be punishing the wrong people," he said.

And this weeks crazy Florida person is....

this dad, who let his young daughter leak her creativity beyond the page and give him a permanent tattoo!

Brad "bob-tat" Bellomo is the owner of 3rd Eye Tattoo in Largo. His 4-year-old daughter Chloe often accompanies him to the shop and has been drawing since a young age. 

"I’ve been teaching her about [tattooing]," Bellomo said, "so that was her first try." 

Chloe had been asking her dad if she could give him a tattoo, so they decided she should draw a picture of a strawberry, as a nod to a nickname Chloe has for her dad.

"I thought that would be a good choice," he said "Still kind of cute, and has a lot of meaning."

Bellomo posted this photo to his Facebook page and it instantly went viral, but was met with lots of mixed reviews. 

Hmmm, I wonder if she's also allowed to drive a truck or operate a chainsaw?

This apple didn’t fall far from the tree!

A mind-boggling photograph uploaded to Reddit on Tuesday by user Jschu2711, shows what happened when a dad and son dressed up as each other for Halloween.

"This literally made my brain shut down for a second," wrote one reddit user.

"I don't like this," wrote a netizen on the image sharing site Imgur. "It’s too good."

All the some had to do was wait 10 years and he would have turned into the spitting image of his father anyway.


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  1. Well, the Austrian woman was very selfish indeed. If she didn't want her family to have her money--then she should have left the money to UNICEF, or Cancer Research or her church or synagogue or some other worthy cause. The joke on her though is that the bank can still pay most of the money to her family! I guess she didn't consult her lawyer before she did her "dirty work"--he/she would have told the woman to legally disinherit her family. Oh, well -- such is life.