Friday, August 14, 2015

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (8-15-2015)

When someone hands you money, how do you know if it's real or counterfeit, especially when you get it from a business?

Billie Ann Andrews went to the Hillsborough NC Walmart to get diapers and wipes for her grandchild. At the checkout, she paid with her debit card and asked for $100 cash back.

"He gave it to me as a $100 bill, "Billie Ann said. "I almost had him change it because I needed the twenties, but he had closed the door so I thought, never mind."

Billie Ann said she never thought anything about the $100 bill until she tried to use it.

"I went to Efland supermarket that night to buy some things," she said. "They ran the little pen on it, and it came up counterfeit."
Billie Ann was shocked.

"I took it back to Walmart with my receipt showing I got the $100 back," she said.

Walmart called police and together Billie Ann said they all watched the surveillance video of when Billie Ann was checking out and saw the cashier hand her the $100 bill. The frustrating part for Billie Ann was she said an employee at Walmart told her and police that they don't use the counterfeit pens to detect if money is fake.

"I feel like they need to invest the money, buy the pens, and protect the person at all cost. You may still have some slip through, but they didn't offer me that protection. I could have gotten charged last night and arrested for counterfeiting," Billie Ann added.

Hillsborough Police are investigating the incident, and Billie Ann left Walmart without her $100. She said she was told the manager of the Walmart would call her the next day. When that didn't happen, she got in touch with me. I got in touch with the corporate office of Walmart. They looked into it and told me in reviewing the surveillance video it was discovered a customer prior to Billie Ann handed the counterfeit bill to their cashier.

He added Billie Ann then in turn got that $100 bill from their cashier. He said they're working with law enforcement. The rep also said Walmart does have enforcement measures in place to prevent counterfeit money from being exchanged, but he did not want to elaborate on those measures for security reasons.

After I got involved, Billie Ann heard from Walmart.

"They gave me my $100 and also a $50 gift card for my inconvenience, "Billie Ann said. "I think the only reason why I got my money back is because of Diane, and I appreciate that."

Even though she got her money back, she said she is now going to be paying closer attention to the money she is given.

North Carolina sheriff's deputies are looking for thieves who fell to the temptation and took 65 cases of Little Debbie snack cakes.

Multiple media organizations reported the goodies were removed from a McDowell County snack distributor's van about a week ago by crooks captured on surveillance video in a black SUV pulling a white cargo trailer.

Sheriff's deputies say the culprits cut a hole in the fence surrounding a storage yard and broke into the van. They removed peanut butter and caramel cookies, fudge rounds, honey buns, Swiss rolls and oatmeal pies.

Information about the crime offered to the McDowell County Sheriff's Office that helps crack the case could lead to a reward from Crims stoppers. Maybe even a lifetime supply of "Little Debbie's!"

This very angry baby made his way to YouTuberecently, causing people to wonder: Why is he so mad? He’s a baby. He literally has the easiest life. I I I've got a few ideas, about what could be causing his rage.
  1. People who don’t know the difference between “you’re” and “your.”
  2. The student loan crisis, and the debt he knows will be haunting him in 21 years or so.
  3. The recent Sesame Street deal.
  4. Being pandered to. Like, enough with the baby talk.
  5. The gender pay gap.
  6. The shrinking of America’s middle class.
  7. Global warming.
  8. He's not old enough to get on Facebook.
  9. EPMD hasn't put an album out in years
  10. No matter what President Obama does he can't get credit.                                Yeah, I think he has a right to be mad!                                  

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