Tuesday, June 2, 2015

What Makes The News!

Yes, take a long hard look kids! That guy on the cereal box with his hair blowing in the wind is, or was Bruce Jenner during his Olympic glory days, long before he decided to transform himself into a low brow "TV star" and then some kind of "straight" man/woman person.

Side bar: 
Ever notice how the Kardashian women seem to destroy, confuse, and or bewilder every man that they meet?!?! Think about it, was Lamar Odom on crack before he met Chloe? And no Kanye doesn't count. Because he came into it with his own special brand of crazy.

But this really has nothing to do with these people, and everything to do with what makes the news. On Monday certain parts of the Patriot Act expired, and are up for a vote. These parts or components include but are not limited to things like the ability of the government to wire tape, conduct suvailance, and seize the phone records of any United States citizen suspected of engaging in "suspicious" activity. The Patriot Act was passed into law post 911 and has a huge impact on the freedom that we enjoy and take for granted as Americans. That sounds like pretty important news, right? But this morning at 4:30am the first thing that I saw on the news was Bruce Jenner's Vanity Fair cover. This is not news. In fact Bruce had been heading in this direction for 20 years.

There seems to be a deliberate attempt to influence the thought process of the viewing audience, and change to priorities of an entire nation. Instead of independent thought being encouraged there is a movement afoot to create a generation of dependent thinkers. The media is now taking it upon itself to tell consumers what is important by emphasis, and sometimes promotion. Make no mistake about it. The way a story is reported has just as much impact as the subject of the story itself. It's all about who controls the narrative, and an unbiased media is practically non-existant. Be that as it may. Everyone has the right to promote, or push their own agenda, whether it is acceptance, tolerance or intolerance. But should that agenda take priority over the entire nation because the "taste makers" say so? And since when does the needs of a few outweigh the needs of many? The last time I checked, all Americans want, need, and enjoy freedom, and what is essentially a media shell game that takes the eyes of America off of the all important ball is damaging, distracting and counter productive in building a nation of thinkers. If that is still the goal. 


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