Friday, June 19, 2015

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (6-20-2015)

Just a word of advice. NEVER rob a bank on an empty stomach.

A man in Greenburg, Philadelphia was arrested for robbing a western Pennsylvania bank when he stopped to eat biscuits at a nearby restaurant will spend two to four years in prison.

I hope it was at least a chicken and cheese biscuit!

Lindsey was arrested about 20 minutes after he robbed the Citizens Bank in downtown New Kensington on Jan. 14.

That's when witnesses saw a bald man matching Lindsey's description run toward a restaurant after the heist. Police knew the business had surveillance video and went inside to view it hoping for clues as to where the suspect went, only to find Lindsey eating at a booth.

Police say Lindsey used the restaurant's bathroom to discard a coat and hood he wore during the robbery.

A Minor League Baseball team in Utah swiftly canceled its "Caucasian Heritage Night" after the event caused a stir on social media Friday.

As if each and every night isn't Caucasion Heritage Night in America!

The theme night, scheduled for the Orem, Utah, Owlz' Aug. 10 game, had been advertised with "Irish, Italian, Scandinavian, German.... or even Utahn!??? 

Whatever your background, celebrate it at the Home of the Owlz!" But after an outcry, the team issued an apology and canceled the event.

The saltiest "food" known to man is now BITE SIZE!!!!

Spam in a can just turned into spam in a small bag. According to an announcement from Hormel Foods Corporation on Wednesday, the canned meat is now being served up in bite-sized pieces aptly called "Spam Snacks."

Rick Williamson, manager of external communications for Hormel says that the small pieces of dried Spam will be available in select regions later this fall. They will come in bacon, teriyaki and classic flavors.

Spam Snacks reportedly contain 8 to 10 grams of protein per serving, which sounds like the company is trying to take on popular snacks like beef jerky. Though no nutritional information is being released from Hormel at the moment, Spam in a can contains six ingredients: pork shoulder and ham, sodium chloride (salt), water, potato starch, sugar and sodium nitrate (MORE SALT). So while it's not exactly healthy, it's about the same as having a hot dog, pepperoni, or a stick of dynamite.



  1. Now, P. R., the poor bank robber didn't get the kind of food that we grew up on. After all, he must have been pretty hungry to rob a bank, and run into a nearby restaurant and THEN sit down to eat--he didn't even do "take-out". Poor guy. But, he will get three meals a day in jail, they may not be what he would like, but at least the poor old guy won't be hungry. As far as the high school kids having "Caucasian Heritage Night"--as you already said: "as if each and every night isn't Caucasian Heritage Night in America." Yep, as someone on Facebook said in regard to the Black situation in America: (this is not an exact quote) "we can't swim, we can't buy skittles, we can't breathe, we can't pray". And if Judge Gosnell had his way, we would be grieving for the Roof family and for what they are "suffering" as opposed to the Emanuel Church victims, and their families. Every day and night are Caucasian Heritage Days and Nights.

  2. Right on point as always! But if he kept running he could have bought dozens of biscuits, but.....oh well! Never seen that on Facebook, but it is both funny and said at the same time!