Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Everybody Wins ?!

If life sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Both make us stronger.
Both are a part of life, and both help us grow into mature, well adjusted adults. But in many schools children are given a false sense of hope and accomplishment because they are all being allowed to win. New initiatives, and incentives like an A,B honor role have been put in place to spare the feelings of both children and sensitive parents alike. Children are now being rewarded, and given certificates just because they participated in an activity.
Don't get me wrong. I get it, and I understand. Nobody wants a sad child or a pissed off mother on their hands.

 There is nothing more exciting in the world to me than to pick up the best 7 year old girl in the world, (my daughter), from school and have her whip out a class participation certificate while smiling from ear to ear. Because after all, she is only 7. However it is my job to prepare her for the real world, and as a gradually introduce her to small doses of reality I realize that she is smart enough to handle it, and strong enough to accept it, as much as a child her age can.
My teenage son has an in depth grasp and understanding of what winning and losing is because we have taught him that both failure and succession are both a part of life. Unfortunately it seems as if our educational system has become one that reinforces reality.


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