Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Some Legal Immigrants Are Deported, But Justin Bieber Stays

Here's a surprising fact. More immigrants both legal and illegal have been deported during The Obama Administration than any other presidency. So much so in fact, that in some circles he is known as "The Deporter and Chief". While I have no problem with immigrants being deported for committing crimes. I vehemently take issue with the fact the the White House has remained silent in the wake of a petition with 270,000 signatures asking for the deportation of pop star, and public menace, Justin Bieber.

You might not care about the Canadian and his "beliebers," but the 20-year-old's misbehavior and run-ins with the law raise some serious questions about immigration law enforcement. Like, is Bieber getting some serious special treatment?

 Bieber is here legally. But it's not only illegal immigrants who are receiving deportation orders.

The Immigration Policy Center estimated that 10% of the people deported between 1997 and 2007 were legally living in the United States.

While the Obama administration deported nearly 1.6 million people in the last four years, it's unclear how many were in the country legally.

The administration doesn't reveal those statistics. An immigration tracking division of Syracuse University, TRAC, is currently suing the Department of Homeland Security for failing to release a wide range of data on deportations and detentions.

But immigration advocates believe the number has gone up since President Obama came into office, not only due to an increase in deportations, but also because of anecdotal evidence.

They are seeing an increase in home raids of legal residents and there are stories like that of Navy veteran Howard Dean Baily, who was deported in 2010 over a years-old drug offense. 

So is Bieber been allowed to reside here in America because of his fame, because the president's daughter's are Beiber fans, or because he is not considered to be a serious enough threat?  


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