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Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (5-3-2014)

Rush Limbaugh can sleep well now. Donald Sterling is the new most hated man in America !

Donald Sterling is not only banned for life from the Los Angeles Clippers and the NBA. A Nevada brothel owner also wants nothing to do with him.

Dennis Hof has banned Sterling for life from ever entering the doors of the Bunny Ranch near Carson City, Nevada, and any of his six other brothels in the state.

Even pimps and hoes have morals. Who knew!!!!

"A lot of NBA players come here to party," Hof told the local media "Out of respect to them, we have banned Sterling from coming here."

Hof says his sense of confidentiality prohibits him from confirming or denying if Sterling has ever visited his brothels.

"I can tell you this: Johnny Buss, one of the owners of the Los Angeles Lakers, and I have had a dual birthday party at the Bunny Ranch for the last 18 years, so a lot of NBA people have been here," he said.

Hof's stand against Sterling isn't only in support of the basketball players who've had to deal with the billionaire's alleged racism over the years.

"At any given time, 20 to 23 percent of the prostitutes here are African-American," Hof said. "And they're smoking hot. Some of them were crying this morning so we're doing this for them as well. We don't need racists or bigots at the Bunny Ranch."

Sterling isn't the first high-profile person forbidden to partake in Hof's garden of earthly delights.

"We banned the 'Duck Dynasty' guys. Those guys are the biggest homophobic assholes and they make their living killing animals," Hof said. "We've also banned Michael Vick. We don't want him here. I couldn't guarantee his safety from the girls. They love animals."

Sterling may be persona non grata at Hof's brothel, but his estranged girlfriend, V. Staviano, now has a free lifetime pass.

"She needs to meet some women who can satisfy her more than any man could," Hof said.

One word......ewwwww!!!!!

Warning: Some of the details in this next story definitely fall into the T.M.I category.
But everybody loves a good train wreck?!

A morbidly obese woman in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is facing the biggest battle of her life, losing 200 pounds in a hurry.

Charity Pierce, 38, is trying to lose enough weight to qualify for gastric bypass surgery. She believes surgery is the only way she'll be healthy enough to marry her 21-year-old boyfriend, Tony Sauer.

"I'm determined not to get married at home." I want to be able to walk up the aisle," she told Barcroft TV. "We both love country music so I plan to wear a wedding dress, cowboy boots and cowgirl hat and Tony will be in jeans and cowboy boots."..............

But wait it gets better!

Sauer isn't just Pierce's lover and confidant. His brother, Jimmy, had a previous relationship with Pierce that produced her 18-year-old daughter, Charly...........Gasp!!!...........

Is she the only morbidly obese woman in town? He couldn't find his own?

But wait, it gets better!

Sauer first met Pierce when he was 8 and she was 25. They reconnected at a party three years ago.

"After Charly was born I didn’t often see Jimmy, so we weren’t ever a couple," she said. “When I met Tony, he seemed very mature for his age and we just got on.”

In the early days of their courtship, Pierce recalled that she and her boyfriend werehaving sex "up to four times a day". 

She has since developed lymphedema, a condition that has caused extreme swelling in her left leg and hip, and that has cut into her sex life.

"The lymphedema feels like another whole person. It feels like cinder blockshanging off you all the time". Pierce sad.

Sauer says Pierce's size isn't an issue, but he worries she could die.

Although she has reduced her daily caloric intake from 10,000 to 1,200, Pierce has only lost 22 pounds in the last few months. She believes gastric bypass surgery could help, but local doctors won't operate until she loses at least 200 pounds.

There is a doctor in Houston who is willing to operate on patients who weigh more than 600 pounds, she said. To get there, she needs to raise $5,000 to pay for an ambulance -- the only vehicle that can transport her.

Pierce has set up a GoFundMe page and has raised $2,338 so far.

If the Houston doctor believes she's a good candidate for surgery, her experience could be filmed for the TLC series, "My 600 lb Life"

When doctors brought a set of heavy-duty scales to Pierce’s home, she topped the scales at 765 pounds, more than 122 pounds heavier than Pauline Potterwho is recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's heaviest living woman.

"Seeing those figures appear on the scales was such a shock. I didn’t expect that. It was devastating," she said.


As the saying goes, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." So be careful what you throw away.

Shirley Nelson of Boulder, Colorado was on her way into the thrift store, when she saw a man getting out of his car carrying an old, weathered violin case. He was on his way in to donate it. 

Nelson, who has been tinkering with learning to play the violin for about eight years and whose daughter plays in a youth orchestra, intercepted his path. 

"It was all beaten up. It smelled and looked like hardly anything," she says. "But I felt something with the case -- this really positive energy." 

Inside, she found a chipped violin with broken strings and a dusty, used violin bow. On a whim, she asked if he'd sell the case and its contents to her on the spot for all the cash in her wallet: $15. The man, who was presumably about to get nothing for the donation anyway, took the money and handed her the case. 

She brought the case and its contents to Eric Paulu, one of the rare, professional bow-makers and experts in the state and one of only a few dozen across the country. She'd only met him once before, when he repaired her daughter's bow. She wondered if her find was worth anything. 

"I had to warn her, because there are a lot of imitations made -- imitation fine bows, fakes, in the way there are fake Picassos," Paulu says. "I told her not to get her hopes up." 

Then he opened the case. 

"Violins and bows end up in thrift stores and pawn shops and antique stores all the time. This is not what's unusual," Paulu says. "What's unusual is it had something of real remarkable value inside the case."

He recognized the wood: Pernambuco, from Brazil, the best wood for a top-of-the-line bow. 

This led him to examine the metal parts. They had tarnished black-grey, not green, indicating they were sterling silver, not nickel silver, and they were accented with a special engraved ornamentation. 

Then he saw the brand: Eugene Sartory. A famous 20th-century French master bow-maker. Paulu estimated the bow was authentic, about 100 years old. And the $15 cast-away item was worth at least $10,000. 

After a few small crack repairs, some wood straightening and new horsehair, Paulu values the bow around $16,000. 

Hmmm, I wonder if my limited edition Mr. T action figure, complete with gold chains and tools was worth anything? Too late now.


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