Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Run Over & Then Shot!!

Sacramento police officers have sparked national outrage for fatally shooting Joseph Mann, a homeless African American man. Sadly such a narrative has become all too familiar. But the outrage turned into pure fury when the dash came footage was released, showing that the police officers not only shot Joseph  but they attempted to run over him prior to shooting him.
The footage shows the two Sacramento officers driving in a police vehicle, attempting to run the man down like a rabid dog at least two dispicable times.  If the video is not incriminating enough, there is audio that confirms that one of the police officers had every intention to run Joseph over with the vehicle, and the other officer was encouraging the heinous crime.
One of the officers can be heard on the recording saying, “I’m going to hit him.”  His partner says, “Okay…  Go for it.  Go for it.”
When using the car as a weapon did not work, the two officers got out of the vehicle and unloaded on the Joseph, shooting him fourteen times.  The two officers said that he had a knife and a gun.  However, there was no gun found either on him or anywhere at the scene.
The shooting has infuriated the city of Sacramento.  Robert Mann, the brother of the victim, says that these officers should not be in uniform.  Mann said that obviously the state of mind of these officers impacts them and how well they can do their job. Indeed!
The Mann family has filed a wrongful death law suit against the Sacramento Police Department and the two officers.  The Sacramento Police Department is still investigating this incident.  


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