Saturday, October 8, 2016

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (10-8-2016)

Green Bay Packers tight end Jared Cook has a bone to pick with Buffalo Wild Wings. It seems as if the wings were a little bit too wild.......
On Friday he tweeted a photo of a severed chicken head that he apparently received with his order at the sports bar chain on Tuesday.
Be warned: This might put you off chicken wings for an entire football season. 
In a statement to the Huffington Post, the chain said: “Buffalo Wild Wings takes food preparation, service and quality extremely seriously and we are looking into this situation. We’ve reached out to Jared Cook and our suppliers for more information.”

A man accused of shooting an AR-15 into the air near a woman walking a dog allegedly did so because he mistook her for a clown. 
 I guess he didn't realize that he's the clown!
Police in Bardstown, Kentucky, say Adam Tingle’s wife told him she saw a clown outside, and he yelled at the person in question, When the person didn’t react, he allegedly fired one shot into the air to scare them off, and his wife called 911.
Apparently, the “clown” was actually a woman walking her dog. Tingle was charged with second-degree wanton endangerment. This story begs the question. Are clowns the new targets?

Here's a sentence I bet you don't hear or read every day.

The afterbirth left an aftertaste............

A British man recently posted a video of himself eating his wife’s placenta, and no, I didn't post the link to the video! This weird moron at it both raw and cooked. 

Now Ross Watson is not only the proud father of a baby boy named Lachlan, but he’s a gone-viral epicurean with important knowledge of how the placenta tastes.
In the Sept. 24-posted clip, Lachlan declares the placenta is “definitely better cooked.” Watson takes a few forkfuls of beans to make it go down easier.
“Nine months in the cooking and about 10 minutes in the eating,” he quips. “Cheers.”
Watson later told the show “This Morning” the proposed stunt began as a “laugh” but he followed through. He said the placenta was juicy once it was cooked and was similar to liver with more of a rough texture. As for a specific flavor, Watson compared it to “possibly a bad cut of pork.”
His wife Heather said she was “disgusted at first but it’s just Ross.”


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