Saturday, January 16, 2016

Just When You Thought You Heard It All (1-16-2016)

Arnous Morin, 53, is a person who looks like he loves his job a little bit too much. He has singlehandedly been responsible for generating $1.2 million dollars for his city, New York. Of which he gets a whopping 0.00%

For those wondering what it is he does, Morin is a traffic cop in Brooklyn and shows no mercy to motorists who break the law. Last year alone, the enthusiastic officer had issued almost 19,000 parking tickets. 

Morin, who claims he dislikes conflicts, says drivers would have nothing to fear if they would just “read the signs.”

For example, over 50 percent of his citations were written out because vehicle owners hadn’t moved their cars during street cleaning hours. Morin claims he waits the mandatory 5 minutes’ grace period and, at times, even more, before he moves in and does what he does best.

“It’s never OK to break the law. The law is hard, but it’s the law,” he says.

Morin is from Haiti. His LinkedIn profile states that he became a teacher at 19 and that he taught Math and Spanish. He then became a principal of a Catholic school.

In 2005, his wife and kids moved to Brooklyn and he followed in 2006. Since he couldn’t teach in the US he took up the job of a parking attendant instead, and it looks like it was a job-match made in heaven.

“I’m a traffic agent in my blood. Even on a vacation in my personal car, I see violations – look at this car in front of a fire hydrant, look at this cat double-parked, look at this car in a no-standing…,” Morin said.

One thing though – the people he writes the tickets out to don’t really adore him. Some even shout at him to “get a real job.” But, his bosses love him and call him “a man of integrity and sincerity.”

Although many are skeptical about the validity of the tickets he industriously hands out, Morin says very few of them have been dismissed in court. He has won awards and been named New York’s top traffic cop for two consecutive years.

You shouldn't bring a sandwich to a banquet, but what about a Bible to a bank robbery?

Police in Nashville are looking for help to track down a man accused of robbing a bank while carrying a Bible. 

Hopefully he pays his tithes with some of that money.

The suspect walked into a Bank of America Friday afternoon around 2:30 p.m., Bible in hand, and gave a teller a note, according to a police press release. 

After the teller gave the suspect an undisclosed amount of money, the man fled the scene in a red, older model two-door vehicle.

The Bible was left at the bank, but it is unknown if that was by accident or intelligent design.

No other weapon was seen.

Florida's infamous "bikini grandma" is out of her bathing suit but back in trouble.

Back in April, Patricia Ebel of Naples slammed her BMW into a Mustang at a traffic light. Police noted that she smelled of alcohol and her 10-year-old grandson was in the car. She became Internet famous in a video showing her failing a field sobriety test, while wearing skimpy swimwear........& NO, I am not including the link!!

A judge ordered the 50-year-old Floridian to refrain from drinking for a year, but probation officials are now saying she has failed to do.

Ebel's latest arrest came on Jan. 5, after a BAC test conducted by her probation officer registered at .177, double the state's legal limit, according to the New York Daily News.

A second breath test at the jail showed Ebel's BAC levels still at .122. 

Ebel s set to appear in court again on Jan. 19. 


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