Sunday, July 9, 2017

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News

Proverbs 17:16
16 Why does a fool have money in his hand
with no intention of buying wisdom?

Many people like to flash their cash in different ways – for instance, gold and diamond mouth grills. But to celebrate his recent jackpot win, this particular fool decided to take it to another level……..
Growing up in poverty as a child, Dustin Reiter became obsessed the 2002 movie comedy Goldmember—an Austin Powers parody of the Bond movie Goldfinger in which Powers is hunting a criminal mastermind who colors his victims' man parts in gold. Now working at Walmart, the closest this fed-up and overworked employee came to his dream was stocking chicken nuggets in the frozen isle.
Reiter's lucky golden streak began during a break from his night shift. While watching videos on his phone, he saw an advertisement for a casino app offering $80 in free spins. Never one to turn down anything free, Dustin decided to test the odds with this popular New Casino Slots game. By the end of his thirty minute lunch break, the unaffected young man hit the jackpot $528,429.00 - and suddenly had a much brighter outlook on life.
According to friends, after receiving a huge lump-sum of cash in his bank account, Dustin “immediately quit his job and headed straight to the local jewelers, blinging himself up with rings and chains. But even after getting his teeth capped in gold, he never felt complete."
Dustin started by painting his genitals with a lead-based paint, but quickly decided that a simple coloring wasn't enough: he needed to take it to the next level, he needed the real gold. To complete the makeshift operation, Reiter used a professional automotive gold plater that he borrowed from a garage. Unfortunately in the twelve hours following the procedure, Dusting encountered a series of health issues that ultimately led to his death.

Drivers in Napa, California, over the Fourth of July weekend came across a surprising traffic sign warning people of “Asian drivers.”
A motorist pulled over to film the illuminated sign, which read “caution asian drivers,” on Sunday night, according to CBS Sacramento.
Caltrans officials were alerted of the hacked sign late Sunday evening after a driver reported it to the Napa Police Department. Jacala said Caltrans immediately removed the sign once notified.

“Caltrans policy is to always lock the sign control boards which also require a secret code to operate,” Jacala said. He warned that anyone who sees an altered highway sign should contact authorities immediately “as bogus information can be not only be a distraction but also create a safety hazard.”

The prank in Napa over the weekend referred to a popular racist myth: that all Asian people are bad drivers.

Passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight from Denver to Pittsburgh on Saturday were treated to an adorable surprise. Before takeoff, their captain took to the intercom and explained that a very important person was on board.

“Today is a special day,” said Captain John Richie, a former Air Force pilot who said he’s been with Southwest for 22 years. “Ever since I started with Southwest, I’ve kept track of the passengers I’ve flown, and today I’m flying my one millionth passenger.”

The cabin cheered. Richie strolled through the cabin and presented his millionth passenger with a bottle of Champagne, an autographed copy of her boarding card and an envelope of cash equaling the cost of her ticket.

“I did a little bit of snooping, and I found out how much you paid for your ticket,” he said.


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