Saturday, April 22, 2017

Would you kiss a car for 48 hours to get it for free? & other weird news.

A Massachusetts man has apparently reached a settlement with two Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners after the chain reportedly served him a butter substitute instead of the real thing.
Jan Polanik filed a class action suit last month against the owners of more than 20 Dunkin’ Donuts locations in Boston, saying he asked for butter on his bagels but got an artificial spread instead, The Boston Globe reports
Polanik’s attorney, Thomas Shapiro, told the Globe the issue might seem like “a really minor thing,” but said his client sued for the sake of other consumers.
“The main point of the lawsuit is to stop the practice of representing one thing and selling a different thing,” Shapiro said. “It’s a minor thing, but at the same time, if somebody goes in and makes a point to order butter for the bagel ... they don’t want margarine or some other kind of chemical substitute.”
The details of the settlement were not revealed publicly.
Attorney Ryan Cunningham, who said he represents both Dunkin’ Donuts owners, declined to confirm the settlement or provide other details to The Huffington Post on Monday.
A corporate spokesman for Dunkin’ Donuts told HuffPost on Monday that the company is aware of the settlement and has different butter options in place.
“The majority of Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants in Massachusetts carry both individual whipped butter packets, and a butter-substitute vegetable spread,” the spokesman said by email.
Polanik’s attorney did not immediately return a request for comment. 

What would you do for a free car? Would you kiss one for 48 hours?!

People are engaged in a bizarre kissing contest in Texas that will reward the last person slobbering on the vehicles with a free Kia.

Since 7 a.m. on Monday, contestants have been pressing their lips to two different cars inside of an Austin dealership as their marathon is broadcast to 

The “Kiss a Kia” contest started with 20 people. By Tuesday afternoon that number was down to 11.

Different candidates left for “different reasons,” a representative for iHeart radio station 96.7 KISS FM, which is hosting the event, told The Huffington Post.

“Some left voluntarily, some were called out for their lips coming off the car,” said iHeart Media Director Zachary Wellsandt. “Everyone has been in great spirits, even those called out have taken it well and talked to us on their way home to some well-earned sleep.”

Fortunately, there are 10-minute breaks each hour — not that it makes idly standing, bending or kneeling next to a car for hours on end a cake walk, especially when you consider they’re also fighting a lack of sleep.

After each break, the participants must rotate places ― requiring a little wipedown of the car by their place taker. Those who were standing before the break will also have to sit in the next hour, and vice versa.

If after 50 hours there are people still hanging on, one of their names will be drawn at random to determine the winner, Wellsandt said.

This is a prank that is only funny to a white teenager……..
As “promposals” go, this one was a bust,  literally.
A police dash cam video posted on Facebook Friday shows a Georgia police officer stopping two teens in a white pickup truck in Peachtree City.
The video shows the officer explaining that he pulled the truck over because a decal was obstructing the tag. He also mentions the department has had “a little history on the truck” after a previous stop.
“Have you ever been stopped before in this truck,” the officer asks. “Do you have any siblings? Do you ever let friends drive the truck?”
The officer asks the people in the truck to get out. The driver is a teenage boy and his passenger is a girl around the same age.
The officer asks and is given permission to search the vehicle. He returns and seems very angry.
“If you lie to me, I run out of options, all right,” the officer says. “You work with me, I’ve done this a thousand times, I can normally work with folks but the thing I can’t work with is dishonesty.”
When the male driver refuses to provide any further information, the officer places him in handcuffs. 
At that point, the girl starts to look worried. Very worried. 
Then the officer comes back with bags of what he claims appears to be marijuana.
Both teens deny the drugs are theirs so the officer then hands a bag containing a small slip of paper to the girl and asks, “Does that look like weed to you?”
After looking at the note, a large smile crosses her face.
“Oh my God, this is not funny,” she says laughing, the driver still in handcuffs.
The boy then brings out a sign that says, “Prom? Say yes or you’re under arrest!”
Spoiler alert: She did say yes, though she still seemed freaked out by the elaborate charade.
Although this video seems to be a perfect example of how not to do a promposal, the Peachtree City Police Department said the parents of the teens gave the department permission to post it on its Facebook page.
As the video below shows, other teens have enlisted the police for promposal help, but the results weren’t as visually arresting.


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