Monday, February 6, 2017

Coal Miners Supported Trump. But Want To Keep Obama Care!

Those of us with our feet firmly rooted in reality have no doubt that those who voted and or supported Trump were doing so against their best interest. The vast majority of these people, excluding a few misguided African-Americans actually believe that an inept, classist billionaire actually had their best interests at heart. That is until their great white hope hit them where it hurt the most, their wallets.
“All these guys heard was “coal-mining jobs” and they were on Trump’s heels in support. Well now, black lung has them coughing another tune since Donald’s planning on getting rid of the Affordable Care Act”.
— Coal Country, USA
During Donald Trump’s campaign, people didn’t care what he was talking about. They didn’t care what he was actually saying he’d take away. All they heard was “Make America Great Again” after every other statement and they were so thirsty for change that they drank the kool aid.
As far as some miners are concerned America might be getting ready to go back into the “Great” depression. Which is ironic given the fact that they blindly followed this clown into office.
According to a provision of the ACA called “miscellaneous provisions,” the black lung illness was covered. Before then, it was like pulling teeth trying to get companies to pay benefits for respiratory disabilities which occurred during years of mining.
However, mining Trump supporters couldn’t see that. It was more important to take America “back to the good ol’ days.”
But, without “Obamacare” backing them, these Trump-supporting miners will have to just have to live with “black lungs”.
Neil Yonts, a Democrat and coal miner for 35 years initially supported Hillary Clinton, but ended up voting for Trump.
“May be a mistake,” says Yonts, “but, I heard him say he’d bring coal back.”
Maybe a mistake?! 
Yonts began reconsidering his votes after being diagnosed with black lung disease.
“When they eliminate the Obamacare they may just eliminate all the black lung program,” says Yonts.  “It may all be gone. Don’t matter how many years you got.”
According to the source, black lung is an ever-advancing respiratory disease. Meaning, without proper treatment, it will only get worse over time.
Before Obamacare miners with respiratory problems had to prove their claim to the company before the company would ever pay out money.
It’s kind of similar to military veterans dealing with the Department of Veteran Affairs. You have to prove that your illness was acquired while in service. If you can’t prove it, they won’t cover it.
It’s the same thing with these mining companies. However, Obamacare made it so that, after so many years of mining if they had respiratory issues, it was up to the company to prove they didn’t get it from years worked. If the company couldn’t prove it happened elsewhere, they had to pay up.
Now, Trump steps in as “Lord and Savior”…only for them to find out he was the coal-mining “Anti-Christ.”
And, in that day, many will be deceived.
It’s a sad day for these miners as well as the rest of lower and middle-class Americans who voted for Donald.
They really should’ve known better than to vote Donald Trump as president. But what is done is done. I guess some people just didn't realize that making America great again was not an all inclusive proposition.


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