Saturday, January 14, 2017

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (1-14-2017)

A stolen bite out of his grilled cheese sandwich led a Maryland man to fire a shot inside his house and barricade himself for hours.
It had to have been aged cheddar or smoked Gouda!

Baltimore County police spokesman Shawn Vinson says the dispute began about 5 p.m. Sunday at a Dundalk home. He says the man was eating with his wife and daughter, and became angry when one of them took a bite from his sandwich, prompting him to fire a shot inside the house.

The wife and daughter fled the house, but the man barricaded himself inside. He surrendered peacefully shortly before 9 p.m.

No one was injured.

The department said in a news release Monday that 55-year-old Daniel Blackwell has been charged with attempted murder and other offenses. Online court records don't list a lawyer for Blackwell.

On Dec. 11, Nick Stafford pushed five wheel barrels full of loose coins into Department of Motor Vehicles in Lebanon, Virginia, according to a statement he made on his company’s website.
Stafford, who has been fighting with DMV for months, decided to pay $2,987.14 in taxes on his car with 298,745 pennies. The facility’s automated coin-counting machine couldn’t handle the load, and employees were forced to count the 1,548 pounds of change by hand. Stafford said that he arrived at the DMV at 9 a.m. Wednesday and staff was not done counting the pennies until early Thursday morning, the BBC reports.
The whole thing stemmed from a longstanding grudge against the department. 
Less than 24 hours later, he collected hundreds of rolls of pennies to pay his taxes at the DMV. He then hired 11 people at $10 an hour to help him break open the rolled coins. It took them four hours to do this, costing Stafford $440. He then bought the five wheelbarrows, which cost him another $400. All in all, Stafford spent $1,005 to get 10 phone numbers and drop off a bunch of pennies at the DMV. Which doesn't exactly sound like a genius move.
Not to mention the $2,987.14 he had to pay in taxes, which he happily brought to the DMV on Wednesday morning.
The DMV had to accept his form of payment because the US Coinage Act of 1965 says that coins are “legal tender for all debts, public charges, taxes and dues.”
According to Stafford, the employees at the DMV did not cause a fuss.
“The DMV employees are being very respectful and accommodating considering the situation,” he wrote on his website.

If you have ever needed evidence that Fox News is filled with idiots, here it is!! Boxing loves a comeback story but no boxer has ever come back from the grave.
A Fox affiliate newscast in Philadelphia Wednesday wished deceased former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier a happy birthday and reported that he would appear at City Hall for a youth boxing event..........
And that’s not even the whole screw up. Frazier, who died Nov. 7, 2011 and has a statue erected in his honor in Philly, was actually born on Jan. 12, 1944. NOT THE 11TH!.
“He really is a legend,” “Good Day Philadelphia” co-anchor Thomas Drayton of Fox 29 gushed. “Such a force.”
If Smokin’ Joe, perhaps best known for his fights againist Muhammad Ali showed up at City Hall, we say book him for a fight immediately.
A Fox 29 spokesperson told Philadelphia Magazine that “Good Day Philadelphia” corrected the report in the newscast.
Good thing the station was able to avoid Frazier’s left hook.

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