Saturday, November 12, 2016

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (11-12-2016)


A chalkboard sign outside of a café in England is getting some Americans’ knickers in a bunch.
On Nov. 10, Daniel Alpert  tweeted out a photo of a chalkboard sign he saw in Clerkenwell, England, that quickly went viral:
The sign, found in front of Goswell Road Coffee (which is a café, and not a pub), reads: “All Americans must be accompanied by an adult.”
Due to heightened emotions and an overwhelming sense of fear in the U.S. after Donald Trump was elected president this week, many on Twitter weren’t laughing......But I am because the connotation is a directly reflection of the state of this country.....President Tr....................Really?!

It was one sweet surprise, and I am so jealous!!!!!
A Kansas State University student who became an internet star after a hungry theif allegedly stole a Kit Kat bar from his car last week found himself rolling in thousands of free bars, compliments of the candy maker.
Approximately 6,500 bars of the wrapped chocolate wafer were stuffed inside Hunter Jobbins’ car Thursday, allowing all of his classmates a chance to reach inside his Toyota Camry for a sweet treat ― this time with his permission.
And they turned out in droves to eat all of his free candy.

It was one spirited campaign.In more ways than one.
A Southern California man who was running for re-election as Oceanside city treasurer successfully defeated his opponent Tuesday, despite having died over a month ago.......
Gary Ernst, 61, received 6 percentage points more of the vote than his challenger Nadine Scott who had tirelessly worked to inform the public of Ernst’s Sept. 23 death. But most people did not seem to notice or care.
Scott, speaking to NBC 7, said she hopes she will still be appointed to honor the 15,500 people who voted for her. But at least one of her critics has different plans.
Oceanside City Councilman Jerry Kern, who continued to rally the public in support of Ernst after his death, hopes that Scott’s defeat will lead the City Council to appoint someone else.
“Even though Gary passed away, he is still better qualified than she is,” he said
If the city doesn’t appoint someone in Ernst’s place, the other option would be to hold a special election, which ABC 10 News reported would cost the city $500,000.
Scott said Kern is entitled to his own opinion, but argued that she is certainly qualified for the position — especially over someone who is dead.
“I have governmental experience, I have a law degree and a legal background, and I have also been a district treasurer for the last 20 years,” she said. But people to chose to vote for a dead man! Wow


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