Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Putin Says The U.S. Caused 9/11 & He Has Proof!

Conspiracy theories are interesting, crazy,  bountiful and most of the time they're a little far out. But every now and then we hear one that gives us pause and makes us think. That doesn't mean that it's not crazy, it just means that entertaining the possibility is enthralling enough to cause us to consider the validity of it. Especially when the theory comes from Vladamir Putin, The President of Russia. The evidence is so explosive he knows he only has to hit once.

According to Kremlin insiders, President Putin has named September 11th 2016 as the date he plans to release the satellite footage proving conclusively the US government’s darkest secret: that the 9/11 attacks were a false terrorist event committed against their own citizens.

The US government’s secret terrorist activities at home and internationally will be exposed, undermining the credibility of the nation on the world stage, and proving that Putin is the only major world leader truly fighting terrorism and darker forces. Of course Putins constant need for self aggrandizement could be a motivating factor in this planned revelation.

It is well known that Putin is a fan of synchronicity, but there is more to the September 11th 2016 date than a simple anniversary of the attacks. It is also the beginning of a politically volatile period in the US.

According to some, if Putin's revelation is true there will be mass protests in the cities and irrepressible public anger leading to an uprising, culminating in a revolution. The government will be completely destroyed, and the new world order they support will be thrown into chaos.

2016 is the year Putin has vowed to destroy the mythical illuminati. The simple step of choosing the right moment to take advantage of the great American Achilles heel may well be his first step towards shaking up the status quo or drawing attention to himself.

This may be true or it may be nonsense. It all depends on what you believe or choose to believe........

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